Helen Gibbins
Wiltshire Times Article 5th February 2015

Introducing Ashton Properties: a new concept in property management.

With the number of privately rented homes rising, finding the right property management company is a must for landlords and tenants alike. They are looking for experienced, efficient and reliable professionals who can deliver a top quality, personalised service in a very competitive market.
In Trowbridge, there is a new, innovative management company offering just this. Ashton Properties is a collaborative of local property owners who have recently joined forces to offer a unique service.
Helen Gibbins, who is in charge of the Trowbridge office, explains: ‘The partners in Ashton Properties are very experienced in the rental market. We have all managed extensive property portfolios for many years, so consequently we know how to be successful in the letting and rental sector. The partners also understand the high expectations and standards demanded by both landlords and tenants alike.
With our extensive knowledge of property law, administration and marketing we guarantee an outstanding, bespoke service. For landlords, whether their portfolio is single or multiple properties, we can advertise their properties to a rapidly growing market of prospective tenants; we can also offer the peace of mind that their portfolio will be managed efficiently. Particular attention will be paid to matching the right tenants to the right property, and we make every effort to minimise vacant possession periods.
Ashton Properties also offer an excellent service to prospective tenants. They will be able to choose from an extensive range of properties and can rest assured that not only we will find the perfect home in the perfect location, but we will also do everything to ensure that the transactions are as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We believe that communication is paramount in property management, so someone will always be available to answer queries or give advice to landlords and tenants at any time of the day. We regard this as an essential part of our service.
In this rapidly expanding sector of the housing market, landlords and tenants demand high standards. At Ashton Properties we provide integrity, professionalism and the personal touch: a winning combination.’

You can contact Helen Gibbins at Ashton Properties on 01225 584444 or by email at info@ashtonproperties.co.uk.